What’s Wrong with $795?

By admin • November 9th, 2010

We all want a deal, especially when we’re struggling financially, but a deal is not a deal when you have to start all over.

I recently met with a woman that had a real mess on her hands.  When she hired her cut-rate attorney, she had a sneaking suspicion something was off, but it wasn’t until she was one day away from having her bankruptcy dismissed that she realized the gravity of the situation.  She came to me with a folder full of papers and a list of questions.  Despite her bankruptcy filing, her husband’s wage garnishment of $1,300/month hadn’t stopped.  Her house was at stake and she paid thousands of dollars to this attorney who clearly did not know what he was doing.

Unfortunately this client needed to start back at the beginning which was going to be time consuming and costly.  I wish I had spoken with her before she was seduced by the $795 come-on.  Just like dentistry, hairdressing, accounting, child-care and any other profession, you get what you pay for and a bargain isn’t a bargain when you need professional help.


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