Bankruptcy Appraisals

Bankruptcy Appraisals

If you are considering filing for bankruptcy, a bankruptcy appraisal report may be required for any real estate that you and your spouse own. This is the case for both chapter 13 and chapter 7 bankruptcy. The value of your home has to be based on current market conditions and recent sales within your neighborhood.

Local Appraisers

It is important that the bankruptcy appraiser you choose be knowledgeable about current market conditions in your particular neighborhood. At Valu-Rite, we know that making the decision to file for bankruptcy is difficult enough without having to worry about finding the right appraiser. Our appraisers are exceptionally qualified to supply the needed bankruptcy appraisals and are usually from right in your neighborhood.

Quality Appraisal Reports

It is important that the appraisal that you get is accurate and accepted in court. There are several different types of reports to choose from. It may be tempting to get one of the cheaper options, such as the online report. The less expensive options are less detailed and may not be accepted by the Judge in court. If this occurs, you will not only have to pay for a credible appraisal anyway, but you may also have to pay your attorney more money to go back to court.

Bankruptcy Appraisal Experience & Credibility

Valu-Rite’s appraisers have experience and know what is necessary to make a valuation report credible and accepted in court. We have been providing valuation services since 1992. We have the necessary qualification and the reputation to back up our valuations and the experience to lend credibility to our bankruptcy appraisal reports.

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Riverside Bankruptcy Appraisals

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    Valu-Rite Appraisers, services the lending industry,and homeowners directly. Our offices are located in southern and central California. Each office is equipped with full digital real estate appraisal technology that promotes quick and complete appraisal report delivery via email , EDI and the internet.

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    Valu-Rite boasts 17 years of residential appraisal experience. Types of appraisals include mortgage loans, valuation for investment and development purposes, bankruptcy. PMI removal, and various other litigation matters including appraisals related to Government regulated institutions.

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    We are committed to fast, professional, and courteous Real Estate Appraisal Services. We offer a quality home appraisal report that meets all industry standards. We pride ourselves on open lines of communication with our clients and appraisers