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We are a perfect fit for lending companies & legal clients. Valu-Rite offers national appraiser coverage, state of the art technology combined with personalized service to you and your customers, HVCC compliant 3rd party separation between loan production and field appraisers and we make it easy for your customers to pay us. We collect payment up front so your borrowers are committed and we accept credit cards, debit cards and e-check with NO processing fees passed on to anyone. Register for an account today and order your first appraisal with Valu-Rite

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Valu-Rite is always looking for quality licensed or certified appraisers. Team up with us and generate more income in your areas of coverage and expertise. We have less overhead and can pay you more than most companies! We are field appraisers and have worked with field appraisers since 1992 so we know what kind of challenges you encounter! We offer a 10 to 15 day pay day and pre-paid appraisals so there are no collection hassles. It’s free to apply and create a profile. NO Annual or sign up fees like the others charge so keep your money in your pocket!

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  • Valu-Rite Means Service

    Valu-Rite Appraisers, services the lending industry,and homeowners directly. Our offices are located in southern and central California. Each office is equipped with full digital real estate appraisal technology that promotes quick and complete appraisal report delivery via email , EDI and the internet.

  • Valu-Rite Means Experience!

    Valu-Rite boasts 17 years of residential appraisal experience. Types of appraisals include mortgage loans, valuation for investment and development purposes, bankruptcy. PMI removal, and various other litigation matters including appraisals related to Government regulated institutions.

  • Valu-Rite Means Quality!

    We are committed to fast, professional, and courteous Real Estate Appraisal Services. We offer a quality home appraisal report that meets all industry standards. We pride ourselves on open lines of communication with our clients and appraisers