Orange County Wages

By admin • August 14th, 2010

A recent article in the Orange County Register shed some strong light on why it’s so hard for so many families in Orange County to make a living.  The article, O.C. Workers’ Costs are Twice Minimum Wage, put California Budget Project’s research into sharp focus.

A modest lifestyle in Orange County costs more than twice the state’s minimum wage and in some cases more than four times!  The hardest hit are single parent families and two-parent families with one working adult.  In addition, it has become even more difficult for families during the recession because many have seen their salaries cut or their hours reduced by furloughs.  Add medical bills, a family crisis or debt that was incurred during tough times, it can bring a family to its knees.

Keep bankruptcy in mind for these trying times.  Often it’s just what you need to stop treading water and start prospering once again.


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