Financial Freedom, it really is obtainable.

By admin • June 15th, 2010

Once you take the first step toward a fresh start, the relief experienced is almost immediate:

“We have already been answering our home phone again which is nice and giving your contact information to rude and some very nice creditors — which is a relief.

Citibank, which we owe over $20k, was extremely nice and told me I could apply again once we are back our feet which cracked us up laughing. Pretty much said don’t worry about it [the bankruptcy] and think of us first as we liked you as a 25 year customer. Wow, don’t they ever learn? I know we have, I don’t plan to use credit cards ever again unless I can pay them in full each month. The beauty is debit visa’s make them unnecessary these days.

Thanks so much, I feel we are in great hands.


Many bankruptcy lawyers forget they are in the people business, this isn’t just numbers, laws and paperwork, these are people’s lives.  At Doan Law Firm, we always remember.


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