Choosing your Bankruptcy attorney on price? You may want to reconsider!

By admin • June 25th, 2011

By Jonathan D. Doan, Esq

Selecting a Bankruptcy Attorney should be done with no less diligence than selecting a heart surgeon. Both help save lives; one can help you regain your financial health while the other may provide added years to your physical well being. You wouldn’t select a heart surgeon that has had little to no experience just to get a low price. You would want someone with years of experience and great testimonials from former patients. Your Bankruptcy Attorney should be no less experienced and have many satisfied clients (ask for a list of client testimonials).

Too many people today are seeking legal counsel based solely on price. That is a huge mistake. Consider the following Trustee’s Comments. Don’t let this happen to you! We won’t mention the counsel or the client’s names to save them embarrassment but it is public record. And this is only one of MANY such cases that were unfavorably dismissed with comments like to “counsel’s own failure to properly prosecute this case”.

Clearly, the following court document proved two axioms:

  1. You get what you pay for.
  2. Experience matters!

Clients of Doan Law Firm don’t need to worry. We have more than 200 combined years of experience; more than 25,000 happy clients; and, pages of testimonials. Our level of client care is among the best in the field. It’s all part of what we call the “Doan Difference.” And, to top it off, we offer a low fee guarantee.


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