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Life after Bankruptcy: A Financial Mulligan!

There has never been a better time for a real financial “do-over.” We call it Bankruptcy. Whether you consider restructuring your debt through a Chapter 13, or eliminating all of your unsecured debt with a Chapter 7, you are creating an opportunity to start over again fresh, without the weight of toxic debt holding you […]

Bankruptcy Keeps McCourt and Dodgers in the Game!

By James Doan, Esq For Dodger Fans, Bankruptcy can be a Home Run! Team owner Frank McCourt may have a lot in common with some of his Dodgers’ baseball fans. He can’t make ends meet. Actually, he’s having trouble making payroll. The cash starved McCourt turned to bankruptcy protection when he claimed that Major League […]

Choosing your Bankruptcy attorney on price? You may want to reconsider!

By Jonathan D. Doan, Esq Selecting a Bankruptcy Attorney should be done with no less diligence than selecting a heart surgeon. Both help save lives; one can help you regain your financial health while the other may provide added years to your physical well being. You wouldn’t select a heart surgeon that has had little […]

Bankruptcy: A Safety Net for Businesses

Some of the largest, most powerful businesses in the United States rely on a very effective tool to maintain their status. This tool is called Bankruptcy. The majority of businesses will find themselves in an unfavorable financial situation at least once throughout their existence. Some of these companies will be able to get back on […]

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy: From Financial Bondage to Financial Freedom

The following story is an unedited letter from a client detailing the difference that bankruptcy, and Doan Law Firm in particular, made in her life. She asked that we not publish her name. When in debt and facing the potential of bankruptcy, we often feel like slaves to our debtor. We feel this because most […]

Your Credit Score: When to Stop Fighting the Rapids

“But won’t bankruptcy destroy my credit?!” We have heard it time and time again and are sure you have had that thought once or twice, especially if you are contemplating filing. The truth is bankruptcy actually acts as a repair for your credit. Think about it, if you are having thoughts of filing bankruptcy, you […]

The best form of Loan Modification may not be a Loan Modification at all! Part 2 of 2: Eliminating Junior Liens

Here is how it works: years ago, when home values were at their height, home owners used the equity in their home(s) to borrow against. They took out second mortgages, third mortgages, and even fourth mortgages. Those mortgages were secured by the equity in the home. But today, one in four California homeowners is upside […]

The best form of Loan Modification may not be a Loan Modification at all!

In California, consumer bankruptcies rose 25% in 2010 and were up 9% nationwide. There were 24,117 consumer bankruptcy filings here in the Santa Ana division of the Central District of California…and that was just in the first quarter of 2010! The majority of those were Chapter 7 filings to liquidate assets and eliminate unsecured debts. […]

Bankruptcy Law: We Practice What We Teach!

Doan Law Firm’s experience and expertise in Bankruptcy law was called upon by LawReviewCle to lead a Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 CLE (Continuing Legal Education) workshops in Riverside and Santa Ana. The nonprofit organization seeks and selects attorneys who represent the best in their area of practice. Once selected, they are asked to train […]

Bankruptcy…a ‘Patriotic’ Solution? Part 4: HEALTH AND FAMILY CONCERNS

Financial concerns are the leading cause of stress in America. In addition to being downright un-fun, financial stress causes a gamut of negative consequences including sleeplessness, anxiety, frustration, depression and hopelessness, affecting every aspect of our lives, especially work and family. Unhealthy Americans make for an unhealthy America, both physically and financially. Compare the cost […]