Ask Doan Law Firm: When should I think about filing bankruptcy?

By admin • June 4th, 2010

Another exciting installment of Ask Doan Law Firm!

Q: When should I think about filing bankruptcy?

A: If you have debts that you have no hope of ever paying back, you should think about not paying them anymore and getting a fresh start in bankruptcy.

If a creditor has a judgment against you and has garnished your bank account or wages, or is otherwise pursuing you, and you have had enough, it’s time.

If your house is in foreclosure for missed payments, but you now have the ability to make the payments, you need to think about filing bankruptcy immediately to keep from losing your home.

If your house has dropped dramatically in value and it doesn’t make sense to keep making the payments as they are now, you should consult Doan Law Firm to see if there are options in bankruptcy that might work for you.


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