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Orange County Hotels Receiving Bankruptcy Bids

Two Central Orange County Hotels, the Hilton and Residence Inn by Marriot, appear headed for a change in ownership as the bankruptcy court starts to receive bids for them. According to reports, Innkeepers USA Trust, hotel owners controlling the Hilton and …

Could My Bankruptcy Affect My Future Spouse?

Although all cases are different, a common topic during bankruptcy consultations is debt acquired before marriage, what would the best option be for your particular situation?

FairPoint Communications Emerged From Bankruptcy Reorganization

According to an article at Sign on San Diego, FairPoint Communications, a telecommunications company based in Charlotte, N.C., emerged from Chapter 11 Bankruptcy, or “reorganization bankruptcy” on Monday. “We are emerging as a stronger company, focused on our customers, vendors …

Five Things To Do Six Months Before Applying For A Mortgage Loan

Here are a few steps you can take during the six months prior to applying for a mortgage loan to improve your position.

28% More Orange County Bankruptcies In 2010

According to The Orange County Register, there were 28% more bankruptcies in Orange County than last year. The article stated that there were18,863 bankruptcies in Orange County in 2010, while there were 14,739 bankruptcy filings in 2009. The data shown …

San Diego, Los Angeles Two of 16 US Cities Headed for Possible Bankruptcy

According to a recent article published by Business Insider, Southern California’s two largest cities are both at risk of bankruptcy.

Orange County Retailer Owner Seeks Bankruptcy Protection

Orchard Brands, owner of Orange County-based clothing retailer Draper’s &Damon’s filed for bankruptcy this past Wednesday.

Student Loans Problematic for Bankruptcy Filers

Personal Chapter 7 bankruptcy filings have been increasing dramatically in recent years, particularly in Southern California’s Riverside County and San Bernardino County. Many borrowers are obtaining much needed relief from their debts. However, certain bankruptcy filers are finding that the …

Will The Drop In Foreclosures Affect The Number Of Bankruptcy Filings In California?

According to The L.A. Times, foreclosures in California dropped 14% this year, while there was an increase of 2% nationally. Nevertheless, this improvement may not last.

What Do Doan Law Firm And The Sistine Chapel Have in Common?

Doan Law Firm, California’s Largest Family of Bankruptcy Attorneys, employs a Christian work ethic. The statement on the Doan family crest sums up their vertical accountability…”Omnia Mei, Dona Dei”, which is Latin for “All that I have, God has given.” Even so, that seems like quite a stretch when comparing or contrasting a Bankruptcy law […]