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Seniors Filing For Bankruptcy Due To Credit Card Debt

Nowadays, there are two types of seniors with high debt to income ratio: the retirees that will take their debts to the grave and those who are forced to seek bankruptcy protection.

November 2010: Top Orange County Cities Filing For Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

According to November’s 2010 report issued by The U.S. Bankruptcy Court – Central District of California –Orange County these are the cities with most Chapter 7 bankruptcy cases filed: Anaheim                                    (174 CHA7 bankruptcy files) Santa Ana                                 …

Can A Creditor’s Mistake Lead To Bankruptcy?

Explanation of what “Debt tagging” is and how it could affect you.

Controversy About Confidential Document On WaMu’s Bankruptcy Case

On December 17, 2010, Judge Mary Walrath, the judge in Washington Mutual Inc.’s bankruptcy case refused a shareholders petition to make public a confidential document.

Highest Number Of Bankruptcies In 2000′s For Orange County

According to the California Central District U.S. Bankruptcy Court, this year’s November has been the highest in regards to the amount of bankruptcy filings in 11 years.

Credit Protection Products That May Even Lead To Bankruptcy

Many bankruptcy filings include major credit card debts that constantly torment debtors. Taking precautions to avoid this from happening is always a healthy practice for your personal finance; part of it is making sure you pay credit card companies only the necessary since many additional products/services will only help you to inflate your bill.

Statute Of Limitation On Debt While Filing For Bankruptcy

Advice on how to deal with creditors while filing for bankruptcy.

Fasteel Corporation Seeks Bankruptcy Protection

Another Orange County based company seeks bankruptcy protection to reorganize debts; this time is the metal manufacturer and distributor in Anaheim, Fasteel Corp., along with two related entities.

A&P Filing For Bankruptcy

The bankruptcy process started this Monday December 13th, 2010 for A&P, or The Great Atlantic & Tea Co.

Ask Doan Law Firm: How Will Bankruptcy Affect My Credit?

For the bulk of people contemplating bankruptcy, their credit has already been severely damaged.  Each creditor reporting negatively every month takes a heavy toll on a credit score.  For clients whose credit score is still standing, they’ve been engaging in expensive juggling that takes a personal toll. Bankruptcy stops the constant negative reporting so the […]