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Trick or Treat Could be a Treat

Although the last two years have been (economically) scarier than a graveyard full of zombies, Halloween 2010 could be more of a treat than a trick for retailers.According to a Chicago Tribune story by Andrea Chang, “Americans say they plan to spend an average of $66.28 on costumes, candy Read more…

The Fine Art of Negotiating

For many people, negotiating or “haggling” for a lower purchase price makes them break out in measles-like spots. I, however, relish the opportunity to work with a salesperson to come up with a mutually acceptable price. Of course, you can’t haggle over a $10 DVD, the latest electronic gadget Read more…

Can I keep my house in bankruptcy? Another exciting installment of “Ask Doan Law Firm” (Part 2).

Q:  Can I keep my house in bankruptcy? A:  In the last post we analyzed this question in a Chapter 7.  Let’s look at a Chapter 13. Just like a Chapter 7, in a Chapter 13 you receive an automatic stay on the date of filing.  That means no foreclosure can take place without court […]