The 48 Year Credit Card Hamster Wheel

By admin • August 24th, 2010

Many clients come into our office exhausted.  They’ve been running on a hamster wheel trying to keep their credit cards happy with a minimum payment each month.  They’ve pulled money from every possible source, extra jobs, kids’ college funds, their 401k, and even other credit cards.

Despite running for years, they’ve gained no traction.  They are in fact further behind than when they started and they’re saying “uncle”.  Only a farfetched lotto win will bring the upturn they need because it takes 48 YEARS to pay off a $15,000 credit card paying the minimum monthly payment!  Imagine you’re 30, part of a young family, ferrying kids to soccer practice.  You will be writing the very same check as you bounce your grandchildren on your knee.

It’s our desire to help people get on the upswing without years of heartache and struggle.  See how bankruptcy can rid you of your financial concrete boots.


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