No Cost Loan Modification Webinar – How To Get Principal Reductions

By Ken R. Trippet • October 10th, 2009

This isn’t specifically about FHA programs, but it will certainly prove extremely useful to many of the readers here. Check the bottom of the post for an important FHA update notice.

My friend Richard Geller has been helping people get principal reductions on their mortgages and really great loan mod terms.

He has put together a great webinar that he is doing this weekend.

It is for you if you advise homeowners or if you are in the loan mod business or if you are an investor looking for buyers by advertising for loan mods.

In this webinar, Richard teaches:

  • Loan mods and violations, forensic audits and how they fit in (this SHOCKED me) — this is so HUGE.
  • How to get principal reductions by pushing the lenders around instead of being pushed around
  • Investor owned properties — rental properties NEED loan mods, and here’s how to get them
  • Repairing your credit (or your client’s credit) easily and quickly if you have to stop making payments and therefore have a bunch of “lates” on your credit report

The webinar is on either Saturday 11AM Eastern, or Sunday at 7PM Eastern.

Click here to register

This webinar had over 700 enrolled and is quickly filling up. Remember, there are two times for you, Saturday at 11AM Eastern or Sunday at 7PM Eastern:

Register here

P.S. I apologize for the lack of FHA updates lately. I took some time off over the summer, and just as I was gearing up to get the updates going again, I came down with the flu and then pneumonia! I’m over it now so you can expect some huge updates over the next few days as I catch you up on the enormous changes going on in the FHA world right now. Literally everything is changing.

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