It’s Not Just Paperwork

By admin • September 17th, 2010

Bankruptcy, it’s not just:

  • Filling in the 1040EZ
  • Checking the boxes
  • A matter of knowing a few regulations
  • Paperwork

It’s downright complicated.  Your financial history, the origin of your debt, type and character of the debt are important.  There’s real legal analysis here.  Also critical is your income, how it’s earned and paid, and what it looks like before filing and projected forward as well as your assets, the value and type.  All this should be examined in light of your personal goals; what’s most important to you.

Doan Law Firm is not a gaggle of old grey-haired men planted in plush office chairs mere moments from falling asleep.  It’s a living, breathing, thriving family of professionals brainstorming, consulting and planning, unflinchingly pushing to get our clients the best possible result.


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