Doan Law Firm Offering Free Bankruptcy Legal Advice and Services to Local Residents in Trouble This Holiday Season

By admin • December 11th, 2010

In the true spirit of Christmas giving, Doan Law Firm, California’s largest family of attorneys, is making a generous offer to its most financially distressed neighbors; free bankruptcy consultations to residents of Orange County, LA County, and the Inland Empire through the end of the year.

In addition to the free consultations, from today through the end of the year, Doan Law Firm will provide complete legal services on a pro-bono basis (free-of-charge) to the first 50 qualified Chapter 7 applicants. Applicants must demonstrate their need for pro-bono services by meeting the qualifications found at

In an open letter to the Bankruptcy Bar, the United States Bankruptcy Court conveyed that the organizations currently assisting low-income people in bankruptcy are seeing hundreds of families on the brink of foreclosure or in other economic distress. The Court underscored that the number of newly homeless families contacting these groups has also risen and that even a brief consultation with an attorney can make a big difference to a pro se (self-representation) party. It further said that attorney assistance greatly helps the court and other litigants.

For the second year in a row, Greg Doan, the family patriarch and founder of this dad-and-five-sons-firm, took the Court’s message as a call to action, saying, “There are many families in our local communities that struggle just to make ends meet. This isn’t a very ‘merry’ time for a lot of moms and dads, and especially those individuals who have been unemployed for much of 2010. Our family decided to do something special this Christmas season and give back to the community in which we grew up, raised our families, and built our business.”

Clients may request a waiver of the Court’s filing fee if they meet the Court’s qualifications. Doan Law Firm will request a fee waiver from the provider of credit counseling services.

Those interested in pursuing this legal support should visit, complete the short intake form, and schedule a consultation between now and the end of the year. There is no limit to the number of free consultations.

“Few things in life are more rewarding than helping members of our community regain control of their lives and experience a fresh financial start,” Doan said. “We know that bad things happen to good people. In this economy, really bad things have happened to a lot of really good people. It’s our vocation and avocation to help them on a financial path to recovery.”


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