A Glimpse into DLF

By admin • September 21st, 2010

While discussing topics with the firm via email, Jim Doan, senior partner, wrote the following:

While unpopular in the secular media, professing Christian values is nothing to be ashamed of… we are essentially saying that we strive to “treat others as we would have others treat us.”

I have a little motto for DLF…. “Treat your client as if you were one!”

In doing so, we’re going much further than just filing a stack of papers with the court; anyone can do that.  Our goal is to provide the client with an experience they would not expect to receive from a law office, especially in these times which have become so cold and impersonal.

Jim may be a bit embarrassed I shared this with the whole wide world, since it was intended to be an internal encouragement, but it’s such a telling glimpse into the heart and soul of Doan Law Firm, it must be shared.


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